Under the Sea Screen Saver 1.0

Under the Sea Screen Saver 1.0

Under the Sea Screen Saver takes you on a journey beneath the waves
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Would you like to visit the underwater world?
Wouldn't it be just great to swim among fish and corals?
Under the Sea Screen Saver takes you on a journey beneath the waves.

This beautiful screen saver will take you to a place you have probably never visited before unless you are a SCUBA diver.
You will visit the bottom of the ocean, in what seems to be the Caribbean Sea.
Clear crystal water will allow you to see everything around you, and you will be able to enjoy watching everything that goes on down there.

The best part for some of you is that you do not have to get wet.

You will be swimming right next to fish of many colors. They move softly and gracefully around the place, just watching you and wondering who or what you are.
The bottom is covered with white sand and you will see many different coral formations including sponges, brain coral, and more.

The scene is so peaceful that you will soon start to relax and forget about all the troubles from your daily routine. You will be accompanied by very nice and soothing music.
All of a sudden, you sense a presence and catch a glance at a silhouette moving nearby.
The king of the ocean has just let you know he is there, and that he rules here. The shark.

In my opinion, what Under the Sea Screen Saver lacks is in the images issue.
They are not very realistic, and the seascape could be a lot more beautiful.
However, for those people that have never been to the clear blue ocean, it will be a good addition for their collections.

FS Senior editor
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  • Very relaxing


  • The images are not very realistic
  • The seascape is not very attractive either



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